What is Masters Racing?

Masters sailing is for "seasoned" sailors - only those that have reached their 30th birthday by the start of the regatta. Over the years, many have sailed and raced in various sailboats but now want the simplicity of single handed sailing. ILCA Masters sailing is the answer. It is still the competitive racing that you remember, but recognizes that while your mind is still young your body might not still be there anymore with the twenty-somethings.

With a series of regattas throughout North American, you can enjoy competitive racing and comradery throughout the year. And just to keep the playing field level, Masters are now broken into five age divisions: Apprentice (30-44 years old), Master (45-54 years old), Grand Master (55-64 years old), Great Grand Master (65+) and Legends (75+). At the highly competitive but very fun World Championships you race against competitors only in your age division. In North America the Masters typically race as one fleet but score in their age divisions. An overall winner is also determined using a handicap system where Apprentices add 4 points to their finish position in each race, Masters 3 points, Grand Masters 2 points, Great Grand Masters 1 point, and Legends 0 points. The racing, both in age divisions and overall, is extremely close on the water. Off the water the emphasis is on having a great time with all of your fellow Masters sailing friends. If you are 30 and up you need to be on the Masters Regatta circuit!!

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